How to Choose a Moving and Storage Company


Moving can be one of the most stressful incidents in one’s life. That’s why you have to be extra careful when choosing the moving and storage company that can help you out for your packing and transport needs. Picking the right company that can help you with anything that you need in your move can take lots of loads off your shoulder. The following are some of the aspects you have to consider when searching for a moving and storage company:

Free Estimates- If you’re planning to hire winnipeg movers that can help you in moving homes, make sure that they will visit your home and come up with a free estimate. When they come over, be sure to show them everything that has to be moved from the grand piano to the pool tables that can have a huge impact on the bill.

Insurance Coverage-You have to make sure that the long distance moving winnipeg company has a good insurance coverage just in case your things can get lost or damaged while being transported. If you’re storing some of your items for a considerable period, be sure to check on the insurance while they are in storage.

Packing- There are some moving and storage companies that include packing your items for you when you want these things to be professionally packed. You can ask the company you have in mind if they offer this service since this considered as an additional cost. Learn more about moving company at

Transport- You have to be sure about the particulars on what a moving company can do. It’s given that they will pull out your items and bring it to your new place. However, you have to know the specifics behind it to make sure that you and the movers are on the same page.

Placement-You have to know the specific details on where your items will be placed once they get into the new house. Make sure that the boxes are labeled as to where they will be placed in the house specifically. The movers should know where to place the stuffs and they should be aware of where to place the furniture in the house.

Furniture Protection- Make sure that the professional movers will take extra precaution to protect your furniture from any scratches and dings. They should be able to provide protective coverings for the items while they are being transported.

Storage- There are two types of storage: the self-storage and the containerized storage. You have to decide and specify the type of storage you want.